Shopping in Santiago, Chile

The pedestrian areas of Santiago are full of life and invite you to walk around and look at the boutiques, which offer a variety of styles and products. Certain neighborhoods in Santiago have become true outdoor shopping malls. Here are our top suggestions:

Parque Arauco
This is the most important mall of Santiago and one of the most important in Latin America. Here you’ll find not only the best products from the best brands, but also find a center of entertainment, with a Boulevard of outdoor fine dining, cinema, theater, bowling, and ice skating rink.

Patio Bellavista
In the Bohemian district of Santiago, patio Bellavista is the most representative attraction. Its attributes as a commercial center are complemented by opportunities to enjoy a diverse outdoor cuisine, plus galleries of custom jewelry and handicrafts, in an artistic environment and constant celebration in the Bellavista neighborhood spirit.

Pueblito de Los Dominicos
Located next to the church of the Dominicos, this Craft village is located in the Andes foothills of Santiago, which brings together the most diverse range of traditional and contemporary crafts.
The town gathers more than 160 shops of the most varied and authentic Chilean artisan styles, where you can be in direct contact with the artesans at work. Some of the elements you can find here are furniture, textiles, paintings, altars, ceramics, carvings, goldware, stone, glass, sculptures, leather, antiques, lamps, natural materials such leather, wood, wicker, clay, glass, wool, roots and semiprecious stones, including lapis lazuli, silver, and other metals. See them transform in front of your eyes by the skilled hands of the artesans who will create magnificent unique pieces.

Buenaventura Premium Outlets
Located in San Ignacio, 20 minutes from downtown Santiago, Buenaventura is one of the most exclusive and visited outlets throughout the year, due to its great discounts, offers, shop variety (cloths, shoes, souvenirs) and diverse cuisine.

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