Discover Tango in Argentina

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Music. Dance. Culture. Tango is all of that and more in Argentina. While visiting in Buenos Aires take your time to experiment and immerse yourself in this rhythm.

Argentine tango consists of a variety of styles and steps that developed in different regions and periods. Tango is essentially walking with a partner and the music. Emotion is an extreme important element of dancing tango and the music is responsible to the speed of the dance. A good dancer is one who makes you see the music which often tells a story, usually a passionate romance.

Listen and watch:
Try a Tango show with a traditional dinner in one of the many Tango Houses of Buenos Aires or enjoy street performances that happen around the city such as at San Telmo every Sunday.

Experiment and take it with you:
Take tango lessons with professionals and try it in one of the many Milongas in town, traditional places where Argentinean’s dance the tango. If you are not ready to dance, you can always watch how important the tango is to the local population.

And donīt forget to take part of this experience home. You can look for Tango and Electro-Tango music in big bookstores or in any music stores. Or maybe while in San Telmo you could buy tango shoes to remember you of this exciting experience.

Let Hilton Buenos Aires organize your Tango experience:
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