Cartagena de Indias

Warmth, breeze, legends, narrow cobbled streets, horse carriages and a world of history…

Cartagena de Indias, founded in 1533 and honoured by UNESCO as Historical Heritage of the Humanity due to its incomparable value of its military, civic and religious architecture, built by Spaniards during XV and XVI centuries, constitutes the most important work of its nature in America. Its unique combination of rich history and modern resort ambiance, invites the visitor to discover al its valuable treasures:

  • Take a City tour within the ancient walled city: churches, museums, squares & boutique hotels.
  • Visit San Felipe de Barajas Fortress, the biggest engineering work in Latin America; and La Popa Convent, setting of one of the most beautiful monasteries in Colombia.
  • Enjoy a horse drawn carriage circuit through narrow cobbled stone streets with flowered balconies and feel the past at the Inquisition Palace, the best example of civil architecture from XVIII century; built in 1770 as headquarter of the Santo Oficio.
  • Admire the monument to “Old Shoes”, dedicated to the Cartagena’s poet son, Mr. Luis Carlos López, who wrote a literary composition to its Old Shoes.
  • Pray in front of Saint Pedro Claver’s crypt, slaves apostle, whose body rests in the Church, named with his name.
  • Sail around Tierra Bomba Island and visit Saint Fernando and Saint Joseph fortresses.
  • Adore India Catalina Statue, renowned monument swelled with pride in honour to native lineage.
  • Visit “Rafael Nuñez” House Museum, first country house in the city, property of Doctor Rafael Nuñez, first Colombian President.
  • Cross Cartagena’s Bay to visit Beautiful Rosario Islands, where you can enjoy white beaches, scuba diving and a deserved rest.
  • Take a ride on a “Rumba en Chiva”; enjoying night panorama in famous, colourful typical buses called Chivas, with musical group included, national open bar and delicious typical food.
  • Experience an Adventure with Nature taking a bath in the medicinal mud at the Totumo Volcano.
  • Look into La Boquilla, a fisherman village where you can taste a typical dish with fish, patacones and coco rice.
  • Visit Heredia Theatre within in the walled city.
  • And to have happy nights and sweet dreams, you can visit Bars and Coffee Shops located in every square at the walled city.

This is Cartagena, an affable, beautiful and hospitable city, that without forgetting its historical past plenty of viceroys, marquises and pirates, gold traders and slaves, ladies and witches, inquisitors and heretics, presents its splendour at the world as the most attractive destiny of the Caribbean. Cartagena de Indias, history, legend, breeze and ocean, charm and romance...everything to do in an unforgettable getaway.....

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