Bogota, the Athens of South America

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Bogota is well known colloquially as the city of “rolos” and is called “the freezer” by other places in the country, because even though the climate varies, it is mainly cold most of the time thanks to its valley location.
This metropolis is the third highest in South America, right after La Paz (Peru) and Quito (Ecuador). It is located at 8.612 feet above sea level. Composed by 20 locations, it is the political, economic, managerial, industrial, artistic, cultural, sport and touristic center of the country, with a population average of 7.862.277.
According to Harvard Business Review, Bogota is the city with more universities in the country (114) and more research centers. It is also the sixth ideal city in Latin America to organize events, and the first destiny of foreign direct investment that arrives to Colombia (70%). Bogota is the largest entrepreneurial platform, having the airport with highest cargo levels in Latin America and the second in flow of people.
Bogota has been called “the Athens of South American”, because of its cultural offering, which has increased in the last decades. An example of this is “Corferias”, the greatest events and exhibitions center, were the both recognized Book Fair and Expo Artesanias (carfts’ fair) take place, among several other fairs; it also an important core of the Latin American Festival of theater and the headquarter of the Campus Party. It has an important number of museums and libraries to its name.
Speaking of gastronomy and cuisine, it is important to highlight typical dishes such as the ajiaco santafereño, tamal accompanied by chocolate; and desserts like figs with caramel, strawberries and crème and roan curd. And, of course, one of the most important products that the country offers and that no visitor can leave without tasting it is the coffee, known locally as tinto.

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