48 hours in San Juan del Rio, Mexico

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Located just an hour from Mexico City and 35 minutes from Queretaro, just minutes from the major tourist sites of the state, Discover an impressive 18th century colonial architecture in its historical center while enjoying a coffee in the main square

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Day 1

[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning” class=”acc-opened”] La Redonda Vineyards: You can enjoy some time off and excellent exploration and spend a leisurely day walking through the vineyards, tasting wines of the house, enjoying a panoramic view of the typical landscapes of the region, from our terrace and gardens, enjoy a meal in our Trattoria CAMPESTRE with a menu designed for you to taste the wines of the house.

Peña de Bernal: Peña de Bernal, a rock formation about 300 feet high. This monolith nestled in the Sierra Gorda of Querétaro is considered the third largest in the world after the Rock of Gibraltar in Spain and Brazil Sugar Loaf.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” ] Lunch: Pueblo de Bernal… Enjoy eating a local flavor GORDITAS made of Corn in the magical village BERNAL

VAI cheese farm: Cheese Farm  VAI a place where visitors can learn about the animals That Provide milk, how we transform milk into cheese in our old factory as cheeses.

Death museum San Juan del Rio: The collection includes objects such as altars and clay faces with closed eyes and obsidian blades for worship. The visit includes a tour of the graves of the old cemetery. It has two permanent galleries and temporary exhibitions of traditional altars, votive offerings and photographs related to death.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening” ] Dinner at The Mercedes. A place where you can enjoy authentic local cuisine at very low prices.

La Doña Pub: Close your fun day with a cold beer, enjoying the hospitality Sanjuanense.

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Day 2

[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning”] Hacienda La Llave: It is a construction that gives the appearance of being a castle of many that appear on the European continent, as taken from a fairy tale.

Tequisquiapan: Discover one of the most famous magical towns of Mexico, considered a world heritage site, where you live culture of cheese and wine.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” ] Lunch at La Charamusca, the best local flavor.

Museum of Cheese and Wine: Discover the pairings of cheeses with different varieties of wines and participate in the process of elaboration.

Craft Market: Be sure to admire the wonders made ??by the creativity of local artisans at very low prices.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening”] Tour with legendary stories: Surprise yourself with the most important characters of a story told by the local layendas with a touch of humor, mysticism and folklore.

Insider’s tips

[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Where to stay in San Juan del Rio”] Hampton Inn San Juan del Rio:  This new hotel offers clean and inviting rooms, and is located on a strategic area with easy access to downtown Queretaro and the area tourist attractions. You can also enjoy free internet, hot breakfast and business center.
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Don’t miss a chance to delve into local churches, the interior architecture is full of history and amazing details.

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