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Known as the City of Palaces, Mexico City is a place where ancient architectural wonders sit alongside striking modern day masterpieces. Shopping, dinning, galleries and museums are abundant, as is the opportunity to explore and experience the history and culture of Mexico.

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Day 1


[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning” class=”acc-opened”] Fine arts Palace “Palacio de Bellas Artes”: Located in the Historic Center of Mexico City, it is the highest culture center of the country, considered the most important opera house of Mexico, and the most important center dedicated to the arts in all its manifestations. UNESCO declared it artistic monument in 1987. It’s the house of the Folkloric Ballet and the National Symphony Orchestra and It’s only 3 minutes from the Hilton Mexico City Reforma.

Benito Juarez monument “Hemiciclo a Juárez”: On your way to the Fine Arts Palace, located just at the middle of the Alameda Park, you’ll find this great monument. It´s a cenotaph in honor of Benito Juarez, a president of Mexico. It was built in 1910 by order of Porfirio Diaz. It is built with Carrara marble, neoclassical style, is semicircular, of strong Greek influence, has twelve Doric columns, the center is a sculpture composed of Benito Juarez.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” class=”acc-opened”] Lunch at The Cofee Factory, Sears: Located on the top floor of Sears, has a great view, is the best angle to see the Palace of Fine Arts. You can see the masterpiece of the Porfiriato while enjoying a rich coffee accompanied by a muffin, is a terrace. Tip: it has become a favorite and always has high demand.

National Museum of Art (MUNAL): It´s located just steps away from the Fine Arts Palace. The museum is housed in a neoclassical building. It includes a large collection representing the history of Mexican art from the mid-sixteenth century to the mid 20th century. It is recognizable by Manuel Tolsá’s large equestrian statue of Charles IV of Spain. If you like art you must come here, the architecture is just beautiful and with a very nice and complete collection from Mexican and international artists full of history.

Latin American Tower: Located in the opposite corner infront of the Palace, this tower was considered for many years the tallest in America, it maintains a cultural and scenery hierarchy due to the prestige of its builder, Agusto H. Álvarez. Have to go to the top floor for great panoramic views of the city.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening” class=”acc-opened”] Dinner at Miralto (At the top of the Latin American Tower): A great restaurant with the best 360 degree views in Mexico City. The Miralto is all about the view and it is truly amazing to see Mexico City at night.

After Dark:

La Opera Bar Mexico: It is an historic bar converted to restaurant and tourist attraction where the service is great and the site includes a nice environment where you feel in an Old Mexican Bar (including a bullet hole in the roof that Pancho Villa once shot).
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Day 2


[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning” class=”acc-opened”] The Main Square “El Zocalo”: Measuring 780 ft on each side, it is one of the largest squares in the world. It’s surrounded by the National Palace (one of the oldest and finest buildings in the city, which witnessed the most relevant events in Mexican history) and the Cathedral (built in 1563 in imposing baroque style).

Aztec Ruins “Templo Mayor”: Just steps away from the main square (Zocalo) you can reach Templo Mayor, this archaeological site was discovered in the second half of the twentieth century, during the construction of the subway in Mexico City. Since then, important investigations have been realized to know more precisely the Aztec Empire in its times of glory from the north-central part of Mexico to Central America. Even now, every day continues to reveal great knowledge and new objects, which can be seen in the Museo del Templo Mayor that is located next to the site.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” class=”acc-opened”] Lunch at La casa de Las Sirenas (Mermaids terrace): 3 floors of charming and intimate dining space but the rooftop terrace it’s the place to be. It has one of the nicest patio for sipping cold drinks and gazing at the Catedral. The view of the Cathedral, Templo Mayor and the National Palace is nothing short of spectacular. TIP: Don’t forget to try the Tamarindo Margarita, you’ll love it

Coliseum Arena (Lucha Libre): A great way to spend a pleasant Sunday is visiting the Coliseum Arena and watch the epic battles that take place in the ring found on Peru street. Coliseum Arena remains one of the top places in Mexico City to observe the spectacular Lucha Libre, witness fights between the rough and technical wrestlers. Almost every Sunday, with a few exceptions, this arena is open, usually at 5:00 pm. so everybody can see our favorite idols make their sets and special moves also called “llaves”

Garibaldi Square “Plaza Garibaldi”: Located on Eje Central (Lázaro Cárdenas) between the streets Republica de Honduras and Republica de Peru, a few blocks north of the Palacio de Bellas Artes. The Plaza is best known as the Mexico City’s home of mariachi music. At all hours of the day and night, mariachi bands can be found here playing or soliciting gigs from visitors, don’t forget to visit the Tequila Museum
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening” class=”acc-opened”] Café Tacuba: One of the most traditional restaurants in the historic center, offers the best of the cuisine of the Mexican culture. Located on Calle Tacuba 28 in a seventeenth century mansion, Café Tacuba, have set it’s story in the gastronomic tradition, guaranteed over time and their flavors. Always maintaining standards that ensure the quality and taste of their dishes.

After Dark:

Churro el Moro: Nothing better than a good cup of hot chocolate and some delicious churros. It’s a very nice place clean and typical Mexican atmosphere. In the window you can see the churros being made. A fun and delicious Mexican tradition. Don’t miss it! and remember, the best churros are at El Moro.

Insider’s tips

[accordion_item title =”Where to stay in Mexico City” class=”acc-opened”] Hilton Mexico City Reforma: recognized as the best of Mexico City hotels, the five-star Hilton Mexico City Reforma hotel is situated alongside the city’s finest architecture, theatres, art galleries and only a 20-minute drive from Mexico City International Airport.

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