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Cartagena de Indias, founded in 1533 and honored by UNESCO as Historical Heritage of the Humanity due to its incomparable value of its military, civic and religious architecture, built by Spaniards during XV and XVI centuries, constitutes the most important work of its nature in America.
Also Cartagena de Indias, conjures a fascinating mixture; its Spanish colonial architecture, its beautiful beaches, paradisiacal Rosario Islands and the charming afternoons in picturesque squares.
This is Cartagena, an affable, beautiful and hospitable city, that without forgetting its historical past plenty of viceroys and pirates, marquises and captains, gold traders and slaves, ladies and witches, inquisitors and heretics, presents its splendor to the world as the most attractive destiny of the Caribbean; it has an privileged location, calmed beaches, complete hotels and general services, and its special mixture of architecture, nature and charming people.
With its open doors to visitors, is the ideal destiny to spend unforgettable stays in a charming place.

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Day 1


[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning” class=”acc-opened”] City Tour: Visit San Felipe de Barajas Fortress: the biggest engineering work in Latin America; Discover La Popa Convent: This sanctuary was buit by the Augustine Recollect Order in 1607 on the highest hill in Cartagena, Take a look on The Old Shoes : An original sculpture dedicated to the Cartagena’s poet Luis Carlos López.

Review history around the walls: Admire The India Catalina, a slender figure created in honor to Catalina, a Caribbean Indian that served as interpreter to the Spanish conqueror Don Pedro de Heredia; Visit “Rafael Nuñez” House Museum, first country house in the city property of Doctor Rafael Nuñez, first Colombian President; Experience the architectonic beauty and the great value of the cultural legacy of Getsemani Sector within the historical center.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” class=”acc-opened”] Lunch at The Club de Pesca Restaurant: a symbol of identity that characterizes the city of Cartagena de Indias. Founded in 1956, is one of the most traditional and famous restaurants in the city.
It highlights his historical and marine environment because of its location within a military fortress of the colony in the Bay of Cartagena, Fort San Sebastian del Pastelillo, built in 1743 to defend the city. The restaurant evokes the magic, history, freshness and warmth of the city of Cartagena in an outdoor environment, natural and welcoming. It is a special place, not only for its old building, but for its beautiful view of the bay of the city, the marina of yachts and sailboats, the walled city and the modern city.
This restaurant offers exceptional seafood and a wide selection of wines. The nights sound like guitars and pianos, the bossa nova, boleros, jazz, flamenco and contemporary music that make the flavors dance. A dedicated pleasure to each of one of your senses.

Immerse yourself in the magic walled city, explore its narrow streets and feel its vibrant past. Come in through The Clock Tower… Main entrance to the old walled city. Then cross to the Carriage’s Square where slaves were auctioned once they arrived to port. Taste a delicious sweet in the Portal of the Sweets before entering to the Custome Square, the most extensive square in the city. Pray in front of Saint Pedro Claver’s crypt, slaves apostle, whose body rests in the Church, named with his name.
Visit the Church of The Cathedral, marked by several tragic episodes. Then walk through the Bolivar Park and through the Palace of the Proclamation.
Follow the footsteps of the past: Feel the mistery of past at the Inquisition Palace, visit its torture chambers and living rooms where destinies of heretics, who perceived bonfire or water tank terror, was decided, taking care of the catholic faith with those practices. Take a look into the Santo Domingo Cloister, the oldest construction in Cartagena; Walk around the Vault Barracks. If you like scenic arts don`t miss this charmingly beautiful Heredia theater located in La Plaza de la Merced. Once soaked in history, enjoy beautiful sunsets in the picturesque squares and enjoy the flavors of the local cuisine.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening” class=”acc-opened”] Dinner at Restaurant Vera By Tcherassi: Find food from the shores of Italy, from the Mediterranean to the Adriatic. Vera, a 50 seats restaurant, also has the Aquabar, offering cocktails (as Allegro and La dolce Vita) devised by a consultant from New York, bearing the names of each of the collections launched by Tcherassi. Another special feature is that the tables and chairs are in a bar just above the pools, which for this purpose are covered with a clear acrylic revealing the water.

After Dark:

Dreamy Nights: And to have happy nights and sweet dreams, you can visit bars and restaurants in the walled city. Casino, spectacles and discotheques, where you can dance until dawn arrives.
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Day 2


[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning” class=”acc-opened”] Review and incredible military strategy: Sail around Tierra Bomba Island and visit Saint Fernando and Saint Joseph fortresses; Bocachica’s channel, heedful watch and obligated way for cruises and ships, who pass repeatedly old galleon routes, protagonists of pirates and corsairs histories.

Relax your senses in a tropical paradise: Cross Cartagena’s Bay to visit Beautiful Rosario Islands, where you can enjoy white beaches, blue waters and a deserved rest.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” class=”acc-opened”] Lunch: during you visit to the Islands, you can enjoy a delicious meal with fish accompanied with traditional coconut rice and fried plantains, with all Caribbean flavor.

To share with nature: If you want to know deep ocean mysteries, you can practice scuba diving and discover coral reefs charms or visit the Sea Aquarium in a nearby island to learn about variety of species of the Caribbean Sea and see an spectacle offered by dolphins and sharks.

Take a souvenir: To go shopping you can visit different places in the city, where you can buy antiques, clothes, handicraft of several corners of the country, worked in fibers, wood, cotton and wool, as well as several souvenirs. Jewel shops, would offer you a wide selection of modern and Pre Colombian fine jewels; precious stones and emeralds. You can buy them as souvenirs or gifts for your family and friends.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening” class=”acc-opened”] Dinner at La Vitrola Restaurant: The Vitrola Bistro Bar is a luxurious restaurant with more than 20 years, located on the Historic center of Cartagena, known for its architectural beauty and its gastronomy. This is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in the city. It has a delicious menu of fusion cuisine, seafood and a wide selection of wines.

After Dark:

Rumba en Chiva: Take a ride on a “Rumba en Chiva”; enjoying night panorama in famous, colorful typical buses called Chivas, with musical group included, national open bar and delicious typical food.

Insider’s tips


[accordion_item title =”More attractions to see” class=”acc-opened”] City Sightseeing Double-Decker Bus: Cartagena is a fabulous city to see from atop an open top bus with so much history, made more alluring with the warm sun highlighting the magnificent colonial architecture. With such attractions the City Sightseeing famous double-decker buses hit the streets of Cartagena this summer. Guests will have the opportunity to see the main attractions of the city with a choice of commentary languages including English. See the sights at one’s own pace and hop-on/hop-off at sites such as Muelle de los Pegasos, the fort of San Felipe Barajas and the fort of San Sebastion del Pastelillo.

The Totumo Volcano mud: This is an excursion truly unique to Cartagena De Indias. The Totumo Volcano is a 20 meter high volcano with a crater full of mud well known in the region for its medicinal properties.
The main highlight of the excursion is the Mud Bath you will take inside the Crater! There is no other Mud Volcano like this one in the world, spread it over you for a unique skin treatment.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Where to stay in Cartagena” class=”acc-opened”] Hilton Cartagena Hotel: Idyllically located on El Laguito Peninsula, this Colombia beach hotel is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on three sides, offering picturesque views and a tranquil atmosphere.

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