48 hours in Bogota, Colombia

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Bogotá is considered a very active city. With multiple entertainment options covered by more than 70 museums, 90 art galleries, 45 theaters, 29 temples of heritage interest, 132 national monuments, 5,256 parks and top-quality cuisine. Discover Bogota in 48 hours.

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Day 1


[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning” class=”acc-opened”] Museo de Botero: It is located in La Candelaria, the historical and cultural center of the city. It houses a large collection of works donated to Colombia by the artist Fernando Botero with the intention of spreading the arts and culture in his native country. Of the works, 87 correspond to your personal collection of world art and about 123 pieces were performed by the same artist.

Museo del oro: It displays an extraordinary selection of its pre-Hispanic gold work collection – the biggest in the world -,together with other pottery, stone, shell, wood and textile archaeological objects, these items, made of what to indigenous cultures was a sacred metal, testify to the life and thought of different societies which inhabited what is now known as Colombia before contact was made with Europe.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” class=”acc-opened”] Lunch at Restaurante Casa San Isidro: On the top of the beautiful Monserrate Mountain, people from Bogota enjoyed this restaurant for 31 years. Seafood and French menu on May and June, lobster in September, wine and champagne in December always creating new and delicious options for its customers.

Cerro de Monserrate: a mountain that dominates the city center of Bogota. It rises to 3,152 meters (10,341 ft) above the sea level, where there is a church (built in the 17th century) with a shrine, devoted to “El Señor Caído” (Fallen Lord).

Plaza de Bolivar y Candelaria: a square located in the heart of the historical area of Bogota. It has a statue of Simón Bolívar sculpted in 1846 by the Italian Pietro Tenerani, which was the first ever public monument in the city. And It hosts several national government offices.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening” class=”acc-opened”] Dinner at Andres D.C: located in the El Retiro shopping center in the Zona Rosa. Typical Colombian cuisine and grilled meats.

After Dark:

Rumba at Andrés D.C: Andrés Carne de Res is considered as the top place for Bogota’s “rumba”. The bar, restaurant and disco is decorated with traditional and quirky paraphernalia.

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Day 2


[accordion] [accordion_item title =”Morning” class=”acc-opened”] Tren de la sabana, Catedral de Sal de Zipaquira: Discover beautiful Sabana de Bogotá aboard a classic train with old restored steam locomotives. Enjoy the scenery of Savannah, Colombian food and music of a marching band. Visit Zipaquirá (Salt Cathedral) and Cajicá (typical savanna village).

Jardin Botanico: the largest botanical garden in Colombia, contains five special collections dedicated to the conservation of endangered species in the region of the Andes at 18,206 species represented.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Afternoon” class=”acc-opened”] Lunch at Club Colombia: A fascinating house to enjoy typical Colombian cuisine.

Shopping Andino, Retiro, Atlantis y zona T: The euphoria Shopping is the best reason to visit this area of ??the city, has several designer stores, specialty stores and a wide selection of bars and pubs.

Usaquen: a beautiful neighborhood with narrow streets and houses of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that have large patios, flower gardens and colorful facades where they have established antique shops, fabric stores, restaurants, bars and cafes. Every Sunday the San Pelayo awnings and Flea Carpe Diem offer visitors curios, antiques, glassware and jewelry and handmade clothing.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Evening” class=”acc-opened”] Dinner at El Porton de Usaquén: Perfect for Mediterranean gourmet food lovers.

After Dark:

Marquez Bar: Offers a great selection of house and dance music from 80´s and 90´s.

Insider’s tips


[accordion_item title =”More attractions to see” class=”acc-opened”] E & D Cafes: a shop where besides consuming Colombia coffee, you can also learn how to taste properly roasted coffees.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title =”Where to stay in Bogota” class=”acc-opened”] Hilton Bogota: Located in the heart of the financial district, the Hilton Bogota hotel is close to Zona G, the main entertainment and dining area, and Zona Rosa, the prestigious neighborhood with many exclusive nightspots and stores.

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